An hour fucking machine

2020-02-02Kyria and Yvette Xtreme14:37 minutesBondage Sex, Fucking Machines, Orgasms
An hour fucking machine 0
An hour fucking machine 1
An hour fucking machine 2

Here the B-Cam and the highlights from the 1-hour uncut video with Yvette Xtreme and Kyria. To see on!

---> An exceptional video request from a fan! Met by Yvette Xtreme!

BDSM model Kyria should be fixed to a fucking machine for a full hour! A full hour of non-stop orgasms and permanent penetration!

I will operate the controller!

The video should be uncut! So that no fake is possible !!!

Fixed and penetrated

2019-05-25Yvette Xtreme29:19 minutesBDSM, Bondage Sex, Orgasms
Fixed and penetrated 0
Fixed and penetrated 1
Fixed and penetrated 2
Fixed and penetrated 3
Fixed and penetrated 4

Yvette Costeau at BDSM Day. A Yvette-typical Bondage! Hard, firm and with orgasm warranty. Of course live in the studio for our audience!

Orgasm game

2019-04-11Yvette Xtreme27:32 minutesBondage, Bondage Sex, Orgasms
Orgasm game 0
Orgasm game 1
Orgasm game 2
Orgasm game 3
Orgasm game 4

Yvette Costeau live on BDSM Day.
Today with a bondage and orgasm game!

Bound for penetration

2018-09-07Yvette Xtreme14:32 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Bondage Sex
Bound for penetration 0
Bound for penetration 1
Bound for penetration 2

A bondage that serves only one purpose: to penetrate the model!

Bound, Throat, Fuck

2018-08-22Yvette Xtreme12:22 minutesBondage Sex, Gonzo, Orgasms
Bound, Throat, Fuck 0
Bound, Throat, Fuck 1
Bound, Throat, Fuck 2
Bound, Throat, Fuck 3
Bound, Throat, Fuck 4

A private session after the BDSM day ....

Yvette Costeau tied up, used for a deepthroat and fucked!

Girl Girl Belt Sensation

2018-08-14Katja and Yvette Xtreme27:13 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Lesbian
Girl Girl Belt Sensation 0
Girl Girl Belt Sensation 1
Girl Girl Belt Sensation 2
Girl Girl Belt Sensation 3
Girl Girl Belt Sensation 4

Yvette and Katja ..... together naked in a Belt Bondage session!

Lycra Suspension

2018-08-09Yvette Xtreme26:01 minutesBDSM, Bondage
Lycra Suspension 0
Lycra Suspension 1
Lycra Suspension 2
Lycra Suspension 3
Lycra Suspension 4

A new rigger on BDSM Day! He starts immediately with a suspension with Yvette Costeau. She wears a Lycrasuit ....

Floating to the pussy

2018-06-07MauRocShi and Yvette Xtreme23:29 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Lesbian
Floating to the pussy 0
Floating to the pussy 1
Floating to the pussy 2
Floating to the pussy 3
Floating to the pussy 4

Two naked girls in a belt suspension with fo**ed pussy action ....