On the gyn chair

2021-02-22Yvette Xtreme19:57 minutesBDSM, Fetish, Orgasms
On the gyn chair 0
On the gyn chair 1
On the gyn chair 2

Completely immobile, Yvette is fixed on the gyn chair with belts. She gets clamps on her nipple that can be pulled by means of a mechanical connection. Last but not least, she is brought to orgasm with the Hitachi.

Yvette in Frogtie

2020-10-01Yvette Xtreme18:16 minutesBondage, Fetish, Toys
Yvette in Frogtie 0
Yvette in Frogtie 1
Yvette in Frogtie 2

Yvette wears a red jumpsuit and is tied with belts in Frogtie position and worked with the Hitachi.

Fo**ed orgasm with Lisanne

2018-01-23Lisanne20:22 minutesBDSM, Bondage Sex, Insertions
Fo**ed orgasm with Lisanne 0
Fo**ed orgasm with Lisanne 1
Fo**ed orgasm with Lisanne 2
Fo**ed orgasm with Lisanne 3
Fo**ed orgasm with Lisanne 4

Model: Lisanne

Material: ropes and nylons, hook

Type: Bondage on the chair

Special: Fo**ed orgasm

Model "NaKed" for the first time

2017-09-30NaKed25:39 minutesBDSM
Model "NaKed" for the first time 0
Model "NaKed" for the first time 1
Model "NaKed" for the first time 2
Model "NaKed" for the first time 3
Model "NaKed" for the first time 4

And another new model in the Costeau studio!

The sexy model "NaKed" ... As the name already promises, she is without exception nude on the way!

Her first experience with BDSM makes her exclusive in this video!