gyn chair with zip

2020-12-31Yvette Xtreme25:33 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Erotic Nude
gyn chair with zip 1
gyn chair with zip 2

The naked Yvette on the gyn chair. She only wears black vinyl overknees.

And already she is at the mercy of a nasty session with tight cable ties ... If you look closely you can see how good she thinks it ... if her pussy juice runs out!

Predicament in the pillory

2017-08-18Venus Kitty and Yvette Xtreme23:11 minutesBDSM
Predicament in the pillory 0
Predicament in the pillory 1
Predicament in the pillory 2
Predicament in the pillory 3
Predicament in the pillory 4

Really nasty Predicament games in a heavy steel pillory with VenusKitty ....

Pantyhose Cableties Gynchair

2017-07-18Yvette Xtreme28:40 minutesBDSM
Pantyhose Cableties Gynchair 0
Pantyhose Cableties Gynchair 1
Pantyhose Cableties Gynchair 2
Pantyhose Cableties Gynchair 3
Pantyhose Cableties Gynchair 4

Yvette must wear a whole body tights. On the pussy and the fist is this cut open. Then it is fixed with cable ties into a gyn chair. Even the neck is not left out! Then close cable ties still reach the foot toe, which are overstretched. Finally, the labia are provided with brackets .... Now the game can begin!