Yvette on the cross

2021-04-05Yvette Xtreme26:17 minutesBondage, Fetish, Whipping
Yvette on the cross 1
Yvette on the cross 2

Yvette is held in place as a "cross" with belts. Her tits are belted and her ass whipped after her nipples are clamped.





Kyria´s Session

2020-03-22Kyria33:11 minutesBDSM, Toys, Whipping
Kyria´s Session 0
Kyria´s Session 1
Kyria´s Session 2
Kyria´s Session 3
Kyria´s Session 4

Kyria's Session, Live the BDSM Day. You have never seen Kyria like this! Look at it!

Lisanne gets flogged

2019-10-04Lisanne4:15 minutesBondage, Rope Bondage, Whipping
Lisanne gets flogged 0
Lisanne gets flogged 1
Lisanne gets flogged 2
Lisanne gets flogged 3
Lisanne gets flogged 4

Lisanne gets flogged on BDSM Day

Whipped upside down

2019-08-209:59 minutesBDSM, Milf, Whipping
Whipped upside down 0
Whipped upside down 1
Whipped upside down 2

Again a fierce action on one of our BDSM-Days. The Milf is hung upside down on the crane and flogged.

Lisanne in the pillory

2019-07-11Lisanne and Yvette Xtreme10:07 minutesBDSM, Fetish, Whipping
Lisanne in the pillory 0
Lisanne in the pillory 1
Lisanne in the pillory 2

Lisanne is pilloried, loaded with weights and flogged properly

Lisanne whipped

2019-06-14Lisanne29:10 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Whipping
Lisanne whipped 0
Lisanne whipped 1
Lisanne whipped 2
Lisanne whipped 3
Lisanne whipped 4

A special event at BDSM Day. Lisanne gets to feel the Flogger....

Whipped by Yvette

2019-04-16Lisanne and Yvette Xtreme12:05 minutesFemdom, Nylon, Whipping
Whipped by Yvette 0
Whipped by Yvette 1
Whipped by Yvette 2

Lisanne gets whipped by Yvette

Lisanne - extreme whipping

2018-04-29Lisanne and Yvette Xtreme15:54 minutesBDSM, Spanking, Whipping
Lisanne - extreme whipping 0
Lisanne - extreme whipping 1
Lisanne - extreme whipping 2
Lisanne - extreme whipping 3
Lisanne - extreme whipping 4

Lisanne gets nude, doggystyle fixed. Then Yvette Xtreme unpacks the Russian whip and gets it hard on the bare ass! Pain, pleasure and red traces ....