Zip tie hogtie

2021-03-07Yvette Xtreme23:18 minutesBondage, Fetish, Hogtie
Zip tie hogtie 0
Zip tie hogtie 1
Zip tie hogtie 2

Yvette is tied in a tight hogtie with the help of self-adhesive tape (horse tape) and cable ties. Of course, your elbows are completely together.

Hogtie with belts in jail

2020-09-21Yvette Xtreme24:32 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Hogtie
Hogtie with belts in jail 0
Hogtie with belts in jail 1
Hogtie with belts in jail 2

We used the Corona break and built a chic new location! A prison cell ... Today we dedicate it! A belted hogtie for the naked Yvette Costeau!

Extreme belt hogtie

2020-07-06Yvette Xtreme17:32 minutesBondage, Fetish, Hogtie
Extreme belt hogtie 0
Extreme belt hogtie 1
Extreme belt hogtie 2

Yvette is bound LIVE on the BDSM Day with belts in an extremely tight hogtie

Lisanne in hogtie - multicam

2020-03-12Lisanne16:32 minutesBondage, Hogtie, Rope Bondage
Lisanne in hogtie - multicam 0
Lisanne in hogtie - multicam 1
Lisanne in hogtie - multicam 2

Lisanne is tied up with ropes in a tight hogtie. Multicam

Fair hogtie with zipties

2019-05-06Yvette Xtreme12:32 minutesBondage, Fetish, Hogtie
Fair hogtie with zipties 0
Fair hogtie with zipties 1
Fair hogtie with zipties 2
Fair hogtie with zipties 3
Fair hogtie with zipties 4

Yvette in Lycra at the fair in a ziptie hogtie

Lisanne in Hogtie

2019-05-01Lisanne16:37 minutesBondage, Fetish, Hogtie
Lisanne in Hogtie 0
Lisanne in Hogtie 1
Lisanne in Hogtie 2

A tough hogtie for Lisanne

MauRocShi's first hogtie

2019-03-24MauRocShi19:53 minutesFetish, Hogtie, Small tits
MauRocShi's first hogtie 0
MauRocShi's first hogtie 1
MauRocShi's first hogtie 2

On BDSM Day, MauRocShi experienced the first hogtie of your life. Really tight, as it should be.

Katja - tight hogtie

2018-06-16Katja20:40 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Hogtie
Katja - tight hogtie 0
Katja - tight hogtie 1
Katja - tight hogtie 2
Katja - tight hogtie 3
Katja - tight hogtie 4

Blue hair, big tits .....

Katja on BDSM Day in a really tight hogtie!