Yvette on the chair

2021-07-03Yvette Xtreme19:15 minutesBondage, Fetish, Nudist
Yvette on the chair 0
Yvette on the chair 1
Yvette on the chair 2
Yvette on the chair 3
Yvette on the chair 4
Yvette on the chair 5
Yvette on the chair 6

Yvette is fixed on the black chair with straps. Her mouth and eyes are also buckled.

Zip tie bondage with blouse

2021-06-19Yvette Xtreme24:22 minutesBarefoot, Bondage, Fetish
Zip tie bondage with blouse 0
Zip tie bondage with blouse 1
Zip tie bondage with blouse 2
Zip tie bondage with blouse 3
Zip tie bondage with blouse 4
Zip tie bondage with blouse 5
Zip tie bondage with blouse 6

Yvette's tits are tied with cable ties while she is still wearing a blouse. Her arms and feet are tied together really tight with the cable ties and later connected to each other.

Belt bondage in dungarees

2021-04-21Yvette Xtreme20:35 minutesBarefoot, Bondage, Fetish
Belt bondage in dungarees 0
Belt bondage in dungarees 1
Belt bondage in dungarees 2
Belt bondage in dungarees 3
Belt bondage in dungarees 4
Belt bondage in dungarees 5
Belt bondage in dungarees 6

Yvette wears black dungarees and is tied on her back with many belts on the bondage board.

Hogtie in ballet slippers

2021-04-13Yvette Xtreme19:23 minutesBondage, Fetish, Hogtie
Hogtie in ballet slippers 0
Hogtie in ballet slippers 1
Hogtie in ballet slippers 2
Hogtie in ballet slippers 3
Hogtie in ballet slippers 4
Hogtie in ballet slippers 5
Hogtie in ballet slippers 6

A tight hogie - naked - only a pair of white ballet shoes on my feet. That's what happened to Yvette when she was lying on the bondage board and got a gag in her mouth.

Yvette on the cross

2021-04-05Yvette Xtreme26:17 minutesBondage, Fetish, Whipping
Yvette on the cross 0
Yvette on the cross 1
Yvette on the cross 2
Yvette on the cross 3
Yvette on the cross 4
Yvette on the cross 5
Yvette on the cross 6

Yvette is held in place as a "cross" with belts. Her tits are belted and her ass whipped after her nipples are clamped.





Zebra suspension

2021-03-15Yvette Xtreme23:13 minutesBondage, Fetish, Rope Bondage
Zebra suspension 0
Zebra suspension 1
Zebra suspension 2
Zebra suspension 3
Zebra suspension 4
Zebra suspension 5
Zebra suspension 6

In a black and white zebra outfit and high heels, Yvette is suspended by means of a crane. Live on the BDSM day.

Zip tie hogtie

2021-03-07Yvette Xtreme23:18 minutesBondage, Fetish, Hogtie
Zip tie hogtie 0
Zip tie hogtie 1
Zip tie hogtie 2
Zip tie hogtie 3
Zip tie hogtie 4
Zip tie hogtie 5
Zip tie hogtie 6

Yvette is tied in a tight hogtie with the help of self-adhesive tape (horse tape) and cable ties. Of course, your elbows are completely together.

On the gyn chair

2021-02-22Yvette Xtreme19:57 minutesBDSM, Fetish, Orgasms
On the gyn chair 0
On the gyn chair 1
On the gyn chair 2
On the gyn chair 3
On the gyn chair 4
On the gyn chair 5
On the gyn chair 6

Completely immobile, Yvette is fixed on the gyn chair with belts. She gets clamps on her nipple that can be pulled by means of a mechanical connection. Last but not least, she is brought to orgasm with the Hitachi.

Tight elbow zip ties bondage

2021-01-28Yvette Xtreme29:06 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Fetish
Tight elbow zip ties bondage 0
Tight elbow zip ties bondage 1
Tight elbow zip ties bondage 2
Tight elbow zip ties bondage 3
Tight elbow zip ties bondage 4
Tight elbow zip ties bondage 5
Tight elbow zip ties bondage 6

Yvette's elbows are tied together behind her back with zip ties

Predicament Ropes

2021-01-21Yvette Xtreme25:28 minutesBondage, Fetish, Rope Bondage
Predicament Ropes 0
Predicament Ropes 1
Predicament Ropes 2
Predicament Ropes 3
Predicament Ropes 4
Predicament Ropes 5
Predicament Ropes 6

Yvette is brought into a rope bondage predicament LIVE on BDSM Day. How long can she take it?