Yvette, NaKed and belts

2017-10-15 NaKed and Yvette Xtreme 25:36 minutes BDSM
Yvette, NaKed and belts 0
Yvette, NaKed and belts 1
Yvette, NaKed and belts 2
Yvette, NaKed and belts 3
Yvette, NaKed and belts 4

Yvette and Naked, the two "naked models" are fixed this time together with belts. Really enormously uncomfortable. Above all, NaKed seems really to suffer from it ....

Model "NaKed" for the first time

2017-09-30 NaKed 25:39 minutes BDSM
Model "NaKed" for the first time 0
Model "NaKed" for the first time 1
Model "NaKed" for the first time 2
Model "NaKed" for the first time 3
Model "NaKed" for the first time 4

And another new model in the Costeau studio!

The sexy model "NaKed" ... As the name already promises, she is without exception nude on the way!

Her first experience with BDSM makes her exclusive in this video!

Selfsuspension by Wendy

2017-09-28 Wendy Warrior 24:44 minutes Bondage
Selfsuspension by Wendy 0
Selfsuspension by Wendy 1
Selfsuspension by Wendy 2
Selfsuspension by Wendy 3
Selfsuspension by Wendy 4

A new face in the Costeau studio! From Paris: Wendy Warrior

So first, she shows us a fantastic self suspension.

Feet to Hair

2017-08-30 Venus Kitty and Yvette Xtreme 29:10 minutes BDSM
Feet to Hair 0
Feet to Hair 1
Feet to Hair 2
Feet to Hair 3
Feet to Hair 4

Feet to hair:

Venus Kitty is once again naked on our chest. This time the feet and the hair are fixed together. A kind of evil Hogtie .....

Predicament in the pillory

2017-08-18 Venus Kitty and Yvette Xtreme 23:11 minutes BDSM
Predicament in the pillory 0
Predicament in the pillory 1
Predicament in the pillory 2
Predicament in the pillory 3
Predicament in the pillory 4

Really nasty Predicament games in a heavy steel pillory with VenusKitty ....

bound for pee

2017-08-02 Yvette Xtreme 27:28 minutes BDSM
bound for pee 0
bound for pee 1
bound for pee 2
bound for pee 3
bound for pee 4

Yvette is tied to a grid. Of course she is naked! She must be able to withstand this with a leggy leg. The nipples are clamped and also fixed. Under her naked pussy hangs a bucket. While her clit is being worked on, she has to piss in the bucket ... Extreme natural session!

Painful Hogtie

2017-07-26 Wildfire 19:09 minutes BDSM
Painful Hogtie 0
Painful Hogtie 1
Painful Hogtie 2
Painful Hogtie 3
Painful Hogtie 4

This hogtie was probably exhausting for Jessy ......

Pantyhose Cableties Gynchair

2017-07-18 Yvette Xtreme 28:40 minutes BDSM
Pantyhose Cableties Gynchair 0
Pantyhose Cableties Gynchair 1
Pantyhose Cableties Gynchair 2
Pantyhose Cableties Gynchair 3
Pantyhose Cableties Gynchair 4

Yvette must wear a whole body tights. On the pussy and the fist is this cut open. Then it is fixed with cable ties into a gyn chair. Even the neck is not left out! Then close cable ties still reach the foot toe, which are overstretched. Finally, the labia are provided with brackets .... Now the game can begin!

Crossover 2/2

2017-07-05 Venus Kitty and Yvette Xtreme 15:42 minutes BDSM
Crossover  2/2 0
Crossover  2/2 1
Crossover  2/2 2
Crossover  2/2 3
Crossover  2/2 4

Two types of bondage, two bunnies, two rigger ...... two parts! Yvette is naked in the box and bamboo pens extremely extremely uncomfortably and painfully fixed. Then comes the lid on it. There the naked Kitty is tied with belts into a bridge and pulled up at the pool. A really crass number for both girls ...