Yvette on the lattice box

2020-10-11Yvette Xtreme21:45 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Spanking
Yvette on the lattice box 0
Yvette on the lattice box 1
Yvette on the lattice box 2
Yvette on the lattice box 3
Yvette on the lattice box 4
Yvette on the lattice box 5
Yvette on the lattice box 6

Yvette is tied to the wire mesh box with belts, hung with weights and spanked.

Fixed to squirt

2020-10-06Dark Elfe and Yvette Xtreme18:38 minutesBDSM, Fetish, Squirting
Fixed to squirt 0
Fixed to squirt 1
Fixed to squirt 2
Fixed to squirt 3
Fixed to squirt 4
Fixed to squirt 5
Fixed to squirt 6

Dark-Elf is fixed on the board naked and legs apart with belts on the board. Yvette then brings her to a awesmoe squirting orgasm with the Magic Wand!

Yvette in Frogtie

2020-10-01Yvette Xtreme18:16 minutesBondage, Fetish, Toys
Yvette in Frogtie 0
Yvette in Frogtie 1
Yvette in Frogtie 2
Yvette in Frogtie 3
Yvette in Frogtie 4
Yvette in Frogtie 5
Yvette in Frogtie 6

Yvette wears a red jumpsuit and is tied with belts in Frogtie position and worked with the Hitachi.

An amazing Session

2020-09-26Dark Elfe and Yvette Xtreme35:08 minutesBDSM, Bondage Sex, Fucking Machines
An amazing Session 0
An amazing Session 1
An amazing Session 2
An amazing Session 3
An amazing Session 4
An amazing Session 5
An amazing Session 6

The title is an understatement! This session is really amazing! While Yvette is tied naked on the board with her legs spread wide apart, Dark Elfe hangs in a suspension over her pussy! And while she has to lick Yvette's pussy, she is fucked hard, even very hard, from behind with a fucking machine! She has the most extreme orgasm that you can only see very, very rarely! An amazing session! WOW

Hogtie with belts in jail

2020-09-21Yvette Xtreme24:32 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Hogtie
Hogtie with belts in jail 0
Hogtie with belts in jail 1
Hogtie with belts in jail 2
Hogtie with belts in jail 3
Hogtie with belts in jail 4
Hogtie with belts in jail 5
Hogtie with belts in jail 6

We used the Corona break and built a chic new location! A prison cell ... Today we dedicate it! A belted hogtie for the naked Yvette Costeau!

Dark Elfe for the first time

2020-09-16Dark Elfe32:58 minutesBlonde, Bondage
Dark Elfe for the first time 0
Dark Elfe for the first time 1
Dark Elfe for the first time 2
Dark Elfe for the first time 3
Dark Elfe for the first time 4
Dark Elfe for the first time 5
Dark Elfe for the first time 6

We are back!!!

We were also unable to hold our live events due to Corona (Covid19). Therefore our content was actually exhausted in August.

But now it starts again! We want to start with the very first session with our new model DARK ELFE! One can be curious!

Yvette chained

2020-08-15Yvette Xtreme28:48 minutesBDSM, Bondage, Fetish
Yvette chained 0
Yvette chained 1
Yvette chained 2
Yvette chained 3
Yvette chained 4
Yvette chained 5
Yvette chained 6

Yvette is put in extremely tight chains, there is no escape

Flying Yvette

2020-08-10Yvette Xtreme32:21 minutesBondage, Fetish, Toys
Flying Yvette 0
Flying Yvette 1
Flying Yvette 2
Flying Yvette 3
Flying Yvette 4
Flying Yvette 5
Flying Yvette 6

Yvette is made to fly with belts on the crane on BDSM day

Double Sybian part 1

2020-08-05Yvette Xtreme and Dark Elfe25:21 minutesBDSM, Erotic Nude, Orgasms
Double Sybian  part 1 0
Double Sybian  part 1 1
Double Sybian  part 1 2
Double Sybian  part 1 3
Double Sybian  part 1 4
Double Sybian  part 1 5
Double Sybian  part 1 6

What a mega session! Orgasm to absolute exhaustion!

Two naked girls at BDSM Day. Dark Elfe sits on the Sybian first. Feet and hands fixed. You can't escape. It drives her hard to orgasm! Really extreme !!! Meanwhile, Yvette is fixed in the gyn chair and her cunt is inflated with a vacuum pump.

After Dark Elfe is completely finished, Yvette is now put on the Sybian with a thick pussy! Another great highlight now! After that, the session should actually end ... But Dark Elfe wants to get on the orgasm apparatus again! This time Yvette operates the device and there is a really really extreme end! However, you can see this on our new partner website www.yvette-intim.com

Live Suspension 2

2020-07-31Yvette Xtreme19:12 minutesBondage, Erotic Nude, Suspension
Live Suspension 2 0
Live Suspension 2 1
Live Suspension 2 2
Live Suspension 2 3
Live Suspension 2 4
Live Suspension 2 5
Live Suspension 2 6

A suspension with the naked Yvette Costeau. Performed with the wonderful blue ropes on the BDSM Day! Uncut version in two parts.

We always invite viewers and photographers to our event in the studio ... If you are interested, just let us know!